Public Service

Community Service is your opportunity to give back to the community as well as involve yourself with other LAAHU members. Whether it is donating food for those less fortunate or donating your time to help uninsured children, LAAHU provides many opportunities to make a difference in our community. 

Awards are given on the local, state and national level to honor individuals and chapters for their excellence in a number of areas. The criterion for awards encourages individuals and chapters to strive for the highest level of professionalism.

Westside Food Bank


What Does WSFB Do?

Simply put, Westside Food Bank is a community supported 501(c)(3) non-profit organization which collects donated surplus and salvageable food locally, as well as food purchased at wholesale, salvage and co-op prices, then distributes this emergency food to hungry people through more than 65 social service agencies. 

In doing so the food bank solicits, collects, inspects, sorts, stores, and distributes surplus food donations from all sectors of the food industry including supermarket warehouses and food manufacturers, processors, wholesalers, and brokers. The Food Bank also solicits financial contributions which are used to buy warehouse equipment and supplies and to support specialized food programs and wholesale food purchases. 

Westside Food Bank is a non-profit organization founded in 1981 as a project of the Westside Ecumenical Council. The Westside Food Bank's mission is to distribute as much nutritious food as possible to local food assistance charities, and to reduce food waste on the Westside. Over the years we have grown to the point that we now distribute nearly 4 million pounds of food a year to more than 60 social service agencies, thereby sustaining 80,000 of our most vulnerable neighbors--approximately half of them children. 

In order to supply our member agencies, we acquire food through a variety of sources, including food industry donations, community food drives and the purchase of food supplies in bulk at wholesale prices. In addition, Extra Helpings Westsideour innovative prepared and perishable food recovery program, collects more than 130,000 pounds of food per month from restaurants, markets, bakeries, caterers, and farmers' markets and delivers it to our member agencies.

About Westside Food Bank

Over the past 10 years (in spite of a loss, annually, of $100,000 in federal funding and 500,000 pounds of government food): 

Westside Food Bank's food distribution has more than doubled - from 1.5 million pounds per year, to nearly 4 million pounds. In the same period of time, the number of assistance requests at local food pantries has also doubled. 

Our food cost index has improved from 28 cents per pound of food to 20 cents per pound. (That is, when all of our annual expenditures are related to total food distribution poundage, we now can distribute 5 pounds of food --- that's seven meals --- for every donated dollar.) 

Westside Food Bank seeks to consistently provide a wide range of food types to the food assistance programs that use our warehouse. Most food banks concentrate on lower cost staples. Still, our food cost index is better than most food banks in California.

We Serve

Our member agencies are located throughout the Santa Monica, West Los Angeles, Venice, Culver City, Inglewood, and West Hollywood areas of Los Angeles County. Though this is an affluent area, one out of every ten people who reside here - over 100,000 people - live in households with incomes of less than $15,000 a year.  Our food reaches the entire spectrum of the needy:

Low-income families
Unemployed and underemployed
Women and children living in domestic violence shelters
Mentally ill
People in rehabilitation facilities
Veterans who may face the challenges of readjustment, ill-health or poverty
Anyone else without access to enough food

How your gift helps:

- A gift of $1,000 will provide 60 families of four with dinner every night next month.
- A gift of $200 will provide 140 bags of groceries for low-income families.
- A gift of $100 will provide an after-school snack to 5 children every school day of the year.
- A gift of $ 50 will provide one emergency meal for a homeless person every day of the year.
- Every dollar donated to the Food Bank provides food for seven meals!

Young and Healthy

The primary focus of Young & Healthy is to provide support and coordination of free medical services for uninsured or under-insured children. Over 300 providers, including primary care, specialists, hospital and ancillary providers volunteer specified amounts of pro bono medical care to address the medical and dental needs of the community’s uninsured children. The school systems and other community organizations refer children in need to Young & Healthy. A brief intake by a Young & healthy case manager is performed, after which the appropriate providers are contacted and appointments made. In some cases, transportation and translation services are provided. Advanced stages of care, including surgeries and hospitalization, are also coordinated by Young & Healthy and its volunteers. Once a child is in the process of having medical services provided by Young & Healthy volunteers, an assessment is made of public and private insurance programs for which the family may qualify. Young & Healthy is the leading community partner in the Health Access Task Force that coordinates insurance enrollment outreach, and as of fall 2006,
Young & Healthy has successfully enrolled over 17,249 children in public and private insurance programs for uninsured children.